Geoekologiya, 2018, Vol. 1, P. 68-78


V.G. Zaikanov, T.B. Minakova, L.A. Matveeva

Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS (IEG RAS) Ulansky per. 13, bld. 2, Moscow, 101000
E-mail: v.zaikanov@mail.ru, yasenevo312@mail.ru

Strengthening the process of urbanization and growth in urban population cause the need to expand space for development. During the development of site not only urban planning, but geo-ecological restrictions must be considered. Its territorial differentiation is shown on the map of zoning based on geoecological restrictions showing also the connection of urban zoning and geoecological allocation. Previously developed hierarchy of geosystems for geoecological research was supplemented by the specificity of urban areas. To test the methodological approach to the zoning of urban territories, two objects with significantly different natural features, land use structure and degree of development were selected. The results of approbation of methodical approach to the mapping of urban areas based on geological constraints have proven its versatility for settlements of urban type. The study established the correlation of functional zoning and the mapping based on geoecological restrictions. The severity of environmental constraints depends on the intensity and nature of development; the hazard degree will increase proportionally to the planned density of development. In the zoning model of territories and their parts subjected to reorganization, some features of the methodical approach have been revealed. For the territories of prospective development, there is the necessity to consider landscape ecological unit along with the system of geoecological restrictions. Geoenvironmental zoning, aimed at ensuring safe operation of the economy and situation favorable for the life, will help in the solution of practical problems of urban planning.

Keywords: geoecology, geoenvironmental zoning, geoecological restrictions, geosystem, urban planning.


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