Geoekologiya, 2020, Vol. 3, P. 91-96

Yu. A. Mamaeva,# and P. V. Stol’nikovaa

a Sergeev Institute ofEnvironmental Geoscience Russian Academy of Sciences, Ulanskiiper. 13, str. 2, Moscow, 101000 Russia
* E-mail: mamaev4 7ya ©mail, ru

The paper deals with the development of procedure for zoning the territory of Berezniki, Perm region, based on geological and technogenic conditions of its structure and exploitation, including underground mining of potash deposits that cause economic risks from hazardous processes. The research results are aimed at fore­casting the development of surface deformations and collapses in the undermined area of the city within the boundaries of the potash field mining area. On the basis of the suggested taxonomic zoning scheme, the en­gineering-geological areas, zones, districts, and sections of an urban area that can be considered as models for assessing economic risks are identified and characterized. According to monitoring observations, time in­dicators are set for the development of hazardous processes in the event of technogenic accident with flooding of underground workings; and the approximate economic estimates of damages are given that may be analo­gous to economic risks for other objects of the Solikamsk-Berezniki urban industrial agglomeration.

Keywords: urbanized territory, undermined area, geological structure, potash deposit mining scheme, models of natural and technogenic conditions, zoning of territory, economic risks

DOI: 10.31857/S0869780920030078


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