All manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of Geoekologiya. Inzhenernaya geologiya. Gidrogeologiya. Geokriologiya journal are liable to the compulsory peer review process.

  1. Reviewing is of one-side blind type (anonymous). This implies that the author is unaware of the reviewer and does not maintain any contact with him.
  2. Editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief appoints reviewers for submitted papers from high-qualified independent experts in the given research topic. Experts may work in different organizations and should have published their own works in the topic of paper under review during the last 3 years. We aim to limit the review process to 2-4 weeks, though in some cases the schedule may be adjusted at the reviewer’s request. Each article is sent to two reviewers.
  3. In case of conflict between the scientific opinions of the author and the reviewer (even after the paper revision), the editor-in-chief should appoint another independent reviewer.
  4. The editorial office of the journal sends the review copies to the authors by e-mail.
  5. The editorial office sends the review copies to the Ministry of education and Science of the Russian Federation in case of inquiry.
  6. Reviews are kept in Geoekologiya editorial office and in the Nauka publishing house no less than 5 years.
  7. Decision about the acceptance to publish is taken at the editorial board meeting after the brief presentation of paper by the editor-in-chief provided the positive review has been rendered by the reviewer(s).
  8. The author(s) is (are) informed about the editorial board decision about acceptance/revision required/rejection of the paper no later than in 10 calendar days after rendering the editorial board decision.
  9. The manuscripts are not returned to the author(s). If the manuscript is returned to the author(s) for revision, this does not mean that the paper is accepted for publication. The revised version of the manuscript should be resubmitted to the editorial board in the full form. In case the paper is returned to author(s) for revision, the date of paper receipt by the Editorial Board is counted from the date of paper receipt in the final form. The revised version of paper is sent to re-reviewing.
  10. The editorial board of the journal has the exclusive right to accept or reject the paper both for formal and scientific reasons. The decision rendered by the editorial board is final. The papers rejected by the decision of editorial board cannot be accepted for publication. No further discussion with authors is permitted.

   A manuscript approved by the reviewer and the Editorial Board can be finally accepted for publication upon signing by the (first) author of the license agreement (in Russian). Authors of Russian citizenship should also provide an official permission to openly publish the manuscript materials.