Geoekologiya, 2018, Vol. 6, P. 50-58


A. S. Victorova,#, B. V. Georgievskiib,##, V. N. Kapralovaa, T. V. Orlova, O. N. Trapeznikovaa, and A. V. Zvereva

aSergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ulanskii per. 13, str. 2, Moscow, 101000 Russia bJoint Stock Company “Zarubezhneft”, Armiansky pereulok, 9/1/1, Moscow, 101000 Russia

#E-mail: dist@geoenv.ru
##E-mail: bvgeo@mail.ru

The paper demonstrates the results of two year remote sensing monitoring of hazardous geological processes along the new built pipeline system crossing Middle and South Siberia, and Amur region. The necessity of this type of monitoring results from the complex geological environment from one hand, and low availability of the lengthy route from the other hand. The geoinformation system (GIS) developed by the authors, dealing with hazardous geological processes along the pipeline system is discussed in the paper. The GIS has two levels of detail: overview level including the whole pipeline system and the adjacent 3 km belt; and the local level including large-scale key sections along the route. Certain foci of hazardous geological processes were detected during the first year of observations as well as corresponding key sites for next year detailed remote and ground-based monitoring. Repeated observation of the most affected sections of the route was done during the second year and the Map of exogenous hazards was developed. The sections of the route varying by manifestations of dangerous processes were revealed from space imagery and the groundwork for further monitoring was done.

Keywords: remote sensing monitoring of hazardous geological processes, permafrost rocks, anthropogeni-cally-stimulated processes, pipeline system


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